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Who are The Pure Option™

The Pure Option™ is an award winning environmentally responsible company started in 2018 (although our story goes back to 2003) with the lofty mission to solve the un-natural problem of petrol-based plastics with a natural plant-based alternative.

We now have Europe’s largest range (and maybe the worlds) of compostable packaging with over 400 products.

Think of us as concerned citizens with a lofty mission to say "Goodbye" to the un-natural problem of single use plastics, we create a natural solution to the un-natural problem of plastics.

We use nature to solve a modern problem like plastics, our solution is designed to break down within 13 weeks into nutrient rich compost that benefits the environment it is disposed of in, it’s a completely circular solution.

We hate barriers so we have a solution led approach, you want a straw or take-away coffee, why shouldn't you, change the material, a barrier free approach.

Our company is 100% compostable, sustainable & biodegradable by design.

Dual Mission Statements

To solve the un-natural problem of plastics using a natural plant-based solution.

If you want change, create barrier free solutions.

Who are our Directors


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Sustainable, compostable & biodegradable is the core of our business DNA

We never felt comfortable with the throw and forget lifestyle and there is nothing that is truly disposable as it all goes somewhere, so we wanted to find positive solutions for packaging end of life, we didn’t want to do just packaging, we wanted to do packaging with its end of life built in, designed to be positive to the environment when its disposed of.

Who we are

The Pure Option™ is an award winning environmentally responsible company started in 2018 (although our story goes back to 2003) with the lofty mission to solve the un-natural problem of petrol-based plastics with a natural plant-based alternative, we’ve done good as we have Europe’s (and possibly the world’s) largest range of plant based compostable packaging with over 400 products.

What drives us

We were once called the hippy packaging company in jest by a friend (you know who you are) but we wouldn't call ourselves hippies or even eco-warriors, and we have never tied ourselves to a tree, but we do believe that everyone can make a difference, you just need to know what they are.

What we do

We are a plastic free business, we don’t hate plastic, just not single use plastics (there's a potential story there),  and we use natural plant-based solutions to make our products, which are designed to add positively to the environment they are disposed of in.

Call it a circular led solution, use plants, dispose of them, and use them to grow more plants.

The way we think

Putting it simply, we think this way “Ok, that's the problem, so let’s find the solution”, our way of thinking is about empowering and helping people to make the right choices, we know that environmental anxiety is a real thing but the current narrative, is "don't" and not "do" , it's all about blame and no solution, if we liked business clichés we would say we “we like to think outside the box” but we don’t like business clichés so let’s just call it "thinking".

We don’t do blame

You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why we don’t just want to sell to you, we want to empower you, we want to see an end to climate anxiety by offering solutions not blame, you aren’t an awful person for wanting a straw, just make it from plants not dead dinosaurs (petrol).

You’re not to blame, for not being informed you have options, you just didn’t know you had them.

Our ethos (aka as what drives us).

We see ourselves as a solution led no barriers company.

Put simply we don’t need to put barriers in people’s way, just give people the solution and they will do the right thing.

If we use disposable cup as an example, the cup isn’t the problem, it’s what it’s made of that is the problem, so why complicate things, just change the material it’s made of to something plant based, and you have solved the problem in a way that benefits the environment without putting barriers in peoples way.

We call it a solution led barrier free approach.

Our Awards

We are greatly honoured to be finalist and winners in a number of awards, here is a few of these awards.

Our Story

What The Pure Option does

The Pure Option is a company that specialises in replacing single use plastic packaging with a natural plant-based alternative, we describe this as solving the un-natural problem of plastics with a natural plant-based alternative.

We have a barrier free approach; we are strongly opposed to the modern way of solving problems by introducing a barrier.

If you want a straw with your drink, why shouldn’t you, change it from a material made from dead dinosaurs to a material made from plants.

How The Pure Options started.

"What happens to this polystyrene food box when it gets thrown in the bin?"

We were walking through a local shopping centre when we wondered what happens to our foam chip box when we threw it in the bin, a simple question with a very complex answer.

When we researched it's journey, we found a very complex system of what happened to this simple box.

Sometimes it's made a trip up to Norway to be burned for to provide energy for Norwegian homes (and yes, the UK actually paid them for taking it) and sometimes it was sent to landfill to sit around for decades until it broke down and contaminated the earth.

The problem was we realised we were part of the problem, we threw away, it was out of sight and out of our mind, we just assumed it was being disposed of responsibly.

It dawned on us that we were part of the problem and we realised we had to do something about it, a simple question led us to where we are now.

Media contact

Our Media Manager ( Who is also our Managing Director and Technical Manager) is here to help you to create amazing content , so please feel free to get in touch.

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