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The Pure Option News

Today we discovered No1
Our latest discovery really threw us and it took a lot of research to come up with some explanation as it goes completely against the narrative that the world is turning into a desert.
Why Just Stop Oil is Bad for the Planet
We get asked quite often “do you support Just Stop Oil” and the answer “Absolutely not”, usually surprises people.
Artisan Bakery Bags are Back
Our Artisan bakery bags were hugely popular, so much so that we had to increase production and then covid hit, and we just couldn't get the materials to make them, so we had to sadly discontinue them, very reluctantly.
Sorry We Are Closed
There are many advantages to buying from a family business than a large chain businesses, it's personal, we get to understand what you need and can quickly adapt to meet your needs, along with all of the community benefits, but it has one important downside,...
Non Discussed Facts 1
There has been huge debate about showing our political views on our social media feeds and the expression “business time bomb” has been used along with the example of Yorkshire tea attacking its own customers who don't support BLM and telling them not...