The Pure Option News

Look at me I'm new Cutlery
We loved our PLA (corn based cutlery) but the UK Government didn't, which is odd as they are pretty amazing but not one to dwell we have replaced our corn based cutlery with our new tree based cutlery.
Most packaging is rubbish
Plastic packaging is nasty, you don't need us to tell you that but did you know there is an alternative, it's plant based packaging, full of planet friendly goodness, it's good for the farmer who grows our plant material, it's good for the planet and...
Doing the right thing just got cheaper
We want to encourage you to turn your food business into a plant champion and with this in mind, we have a discount code designed to help you become a sustainable business and to save you money at the same time, it's a two in one benefit thing.
Bakery Bags are Back
They are easily our best selling product and yet we struggled to get the material to make them but we have now sorted this out, supply chain economics are a bit of a headache but the important thing is now can be confident we will be able to meet demand....
Into Labels
You are doing the right thing by buying our plant based packaging, go you, but to make it an all round sustainable product you need our plant based labels , free of nasty things and with this in mind, we have a new range of labels.