All Hot Cups Now with Free PLA Lids

All Hot Cups Now with Free PLA Lids

We are constantly updating and improving our products, and because of this we are reducing the amount of PLA products.

 One of these PLA products that is being replaced,  is CPLA lids for hot cups, there is absolutely nothing wrong with CPLA, it comes from corn, but we are aiming for 100% of our products to be home compostable and CPLA as a material needs an industrial waste collection to turn it into compost.

This is why we are moving to a wood based lid that is FSC™ sustainably sourced and can be added to your home composter.

So we are now giving our lid's away with any order of hot cups , that can mean you save as much as £89.95 , which we think is a pretty good deal.

Of course this is while stocks remains and when it's gone, we will be introducing paper lids, so get them while you can, as this is a one off deal.

Just choose the cups and we will send the lids without charge, you can even ask for black lids while we have stock left, if you don't ask for black lids we will send you white lids by default.

Get Free Lids Here


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