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Artisan Bakery Bags are Back

Artisan Bakery Bags are Back

Our Artisan bakery bags were hugely popular, so much so that we had to increase production and then covid hit, and we just couldn't get the materials to make them, so we had to sadly discontinue them, very reluctantly.

So we decided to think differently and we thought “Ok, if getting the materials is an issue, then surely we can change the materials” and as soon as we solved this problem we encountered another (the Governments poorly constructed Plastic Ban and Plastic Tax).

The UK sees the solution to the un-natural problem of single use plastics as recycling (we see it differently, just replace the harmful petrol bits with something environmentally beneficial like plant matter,  but we are a lone voice in the wilderness), so we had to find a material that was compostable ( for our non UK customers) and recyclable (for our UK customers) and so are bags are made using either FSC™ sustainable wood (including the windows) and some of them are made from wheat waste generated by the farming industry.

It's a creative way of fixing problems outside of our control and these are those bags, made from plant based materials but easily disposed of to get the best environmental outcomes.

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