The Pure Option News

New Year Resolutions
It's that time again where we realise that eating that entire box of chocolates and all those mince pies, may of added a bit to our waist lines, so what's in your New Year Resolution list?
Its our Flash Boxing Day Sale
It's Boxing day, your bored so we thought , why not have a flash two day sale.
Let's clear our Warehouse Sale
When the pandemic came to an end , we  struggled to get the materials for our products, so we bought in huge quantities so we can guarantee supply, this has meant we are bursting to capacity.
Our New Basics Range
There is no denying that everyone is finding it challenging at the moment, so we have just launched our basics range to help with the cost of living.
Carbon Saving not really Carbon Saved
We had a great idea, let's reduce our shipping carbon by offering a discount on buying more than one item , it made sense , it was great for the planet and we could say “ hurray we have reduced our carbon footprint by this much” , not sure if you can...