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Charlie Richardson
Why Just Stop Oil is Bad for the Planet
We get asked quite often “do you support Just Stop Oil” and the answer “Absolutely not”, usually surprises people.
Non Discussed Facts 1
There has been huge debate about showing our political views on our social media feeds and the expression “business time bomb” has been used along with the example of Yorkshire tea attacking its own customers who don't support BLM and telling them not...
Preparing for SUP Directive for businesses in the Netherlands
You are probably aware that The Pure Option™ is based in the UK, so we are prepared for well meaning, but poorly thought out policies ( we are thinking of you plastic ban and plastic tax) but the Netherlands implementation of the Single Use Plastics...
Eco Fact 3
The UK has a well meaning, but factually confused protest groups like #juststopoil , and although we admire their convictions and strongly believe in their motivations, their direction of protest is misaligned.
Eco Fact 2
Are you tired of feeling like the world is about to end? Us too!