Changes are coming

Changes are coming

New legislation is coming from the UK Government which is going to change things dramatically, some products like PLA which is made from corn are expected to be banned or taxed out of existence ( I know it doesn't make any sense but that's politics for you).

The information on what is being banned and what is being taxed is very sketchy, but if the plastic tax is anything to go on, the UK Government's hatred of all things corn means, that we can expect PLA to be at best taxed and worst banned.

With this in mind the high powered cutlery industry has not been sitting on it's hands and has come up with an alternatives which is a  paper based cutlery that has all the benefits of PLA and wood but has one advantage , you can't ban paper.

This means we have a warehouse full of wood and corn cutlery that will probably be banned or taxed ( which is a shame as its pretty good if you ask us) , so we have decided to sell off what we have at least 10% off , with most of it being at least 20%+ , so we can make space for our new range.

Here's a bit of honesty for you, we used to think there was logic to these sort of things until the Plastic Tax and now we expect insanity, so we have decided to plan for the worst and hope for the best ( we can all learn from the British Military here), so we will be selling our non paper based cutlery off at a super amazing, never to be repeated discount, great for you and good for us, as we can go full on into paper cutlery land.

To quote Life of Brian - Get it while it's hot it's lovely (it's the scene where they are selling snacks in the gladiatorial games, if your interested).

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