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Eat our Tableware

Eat our Tableware

When the media ask us what has been the biggest issue we have faced, when we answer “poorly thought out, but well meaning Government legislation” it often surprises them.

Sadly the Plastic Tax which was followed by the Plastic Ban should of helped us in our mission to end single use plastics, but it actually added about 20% to the cost of our products and sadly the plastic industry avoided this tax by adding 30% recycled plastic, so the real winner was the plastic industry.

So we pay the tax for not having any plastics in our product, so we had a think about it and then a light bulb came on.

Stop moaning about it,  and do some blue sky, thinking out of the box ( or whatever business speak you prefer).

So we found a great partner in Stroodles to create a range of cups and tableware using edible materials, so no waste, it's a meal, no tax and it's better for the planet and it's fun to eat.

It's a win win for everyone.

Buy our EAT ME™ range here

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