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Eco Fact 2

Eco Fact 2

Are you tired of feeling like the world is about to end? Us too! 

So here is another eco fact designed to open debate and talk about the achievable solutions and not just talk about the problem.

So welcome to our next Eco Facts section, where the truth is always more interesting than fiction.



Let's get the debates started and talk about a future where we kick climate anxiety to the curb!



UK Business and the UK Government is constantly being told we need to do more, and this always comes with punitive economic effect on the UK, so let's talk about the UK's carbon output.

The UK creates less than 1% of the worlds carbon output and this is where we need to compare to our overseas competitors where there is a easy win to be had.

Below is the world's Co2 emissions and we would recommend comparing the figures from 1970 to 2022 and the change over that time.

The current debate in the UK is we should be doing more, and most people would expect us to agree with this assessment, but actually we only partially agree with this statement.

Let's put this perspective, is there an issue with the environment, yes, should the UK be doing more- yes but with caveats.

You see the real question we should be asking is “should the world be doing more, and has the UK done enough?”.

The UK has had an environmental policy that has been making the UK poorer ( and as a consequence less able to make a difference) while allowing the big polluters to get away with it.

Let's look at a very important example of this,  the UK is down to one (2 GW) coal fired power station (from 14 in 2015) , in that time China has increased their coal fired power plants to 1142 and india has increased theirs to 282 ( with the US just behind with 210).

Put this into perspective china has since 1990 increased their carbon output by 526.5% while the UK has reduced it's by -58.6%.

So the reality is no matter what steps we take in the UK , China has added the same amount in just over a day.

We aren't saying this to fuel climate anxiety, only to open the debate about how we encourage, China, US, India, Russia and Japan to do more.

So what could the UK be doing more of ? 

The UK should and could be doing more politically to highlight the real culprits, and we could be exploiting our natural resources to minimise carbon from shipping and drive wealth.

We can fund greener and more sustainable solutions, a greener Britain would and could encourage change, but a poorer UK couldn't.

So our message to #juststopoil is target the culprits and they also need to accept that in the short terms we need fossil fuels,  but these fossil fuels could and should fund research and investment that eventually works towards making them extinct.








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