Fairer Delivery is Here

Fairer Delivery is Here

It's here , we now have the same delivery charge for all of the UK,  and not just the Mainland.

This means that whether you live in Dudley, Dungannon, Durness, Douglas or even St Helier (trust the Channel Islands to kill the point, with no places starting with a D) , delivery is completely based on weight and starts at £3.49 and the cherry on the cake (if you like cherries and cake) is, if you spend over £74.99, the delivery is on us, that's free, gratis, at not charge ( you get the idea).

We appreciate that it was the one major issue for our customers in outside of the UK mainland, just one of the ways we listen to your feedback.

One downside is we have completely moved to Royal Mail for nearly all of our orders and this does come with an extra day as orders always go out the next day so we no longer have a next day service as all orders will now take either 2 or 3 days depending on the service you selected.



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