Its not a conspiracy if its true

Its not a conspiracy if its true

I was once interviewed by the BBC to talk about the effects of tax on business and I pointed out to the interviewer that we were also effected by the Plastic Tax even though we have never sold plastics and our products don't contain plastics ( see below)

Up on the screen came a quote from Liz Truss which is quite ironic when you know she is part of a group with an anti green agenda run from 55 Tufton Street  she is one of a number of PM's who have created an anti green solution agenda.

Put simply if we add 30% recycled plastic in our products, no tax but if we make it from plants which replaces the completely removes the environmentally harmful plastic part, you pay a tax.

I am interested in peoples views on what they knew about the plastic tax and what they thought its aim was, I am also interested in whether you think that plant based products should of been excluded, interesting in your views.


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