Most packaging is rubbish

Most packaging is rubbish

Plastic packaging is nasty, you don't need us to tell you that but did you know there is an alternative, it's plant based packaging, full of planet friendly goodness, it's good for the farmer who grows our plant material, it's good for the planet and if you use this discount code FB10 you can get 10% off forever ( subject to conditions).

So if a financial motive and an environmental motive isn't enough for you, we have a scheme to make it easier to change , send us information on your rubbish packaging, we call it “send us your rubbish” and we will find you a planet friendly plant based options.

So it's a three way benefit - environment, financial and convenience and that doesn't include the warm feeling you get from being a planet champion or the fact that your customers will love you for it.

Send us your rubbish here

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