New Recycling Rules for Wales

New Recycling Rules for Wales

It may of gone unnoticed by many business but the rules on workplace recycling will be introduced on the 6th April and all businesses in Wales need to be prepared ( your should also be prepared if you are in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland as it is likely to be introduced their in the future).

A quick reference guide is the following will need to be recycled in all Welsh based workplaces.



Must be added to the recycled collection

  • Food.
  • Paper and board ( with exceptions).
  • Glass.
  • Metal.
  • Plastics.
  • Cartons such as Tetrapaks.
  • Textiles (not used for retail sales).
  • Small electrical products (not used for retails sales).

Must be added to the general waste collection

  • Contaminated food packaging.
  • Any material that has come into contact with food, grease or oils.
  • Paper towels and wet wipes including tissues.
  • PLA including our products that aren't part of a specialised collection service such as First Mile - This is fine to add to general waste which is now typically incinerated for energy production - Find out more here.

Normally we prepare some in-depth information but we felt that our supply partner Vegware has created such an informative article on the new rules that we would send you in their direction.

I should add that our local Council did an assessment on The Pure Option and was amazed as we re-use all material waste in our business or we composted our waste , so we are 100% a non waste generating business.

Find out about the new workplace recycling rules in Wales.



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