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Preparing for SUP Directive for businesses in the Netherlands

Preparing for SUP Directive for businesses in the Netherlands

You are probably aware that The Pure Option™ is based in the UK, so we are prepared for well meaning, but poorly thought out policies ( we are thinking of you plastic ban and plastic tax) but the Netherlands implementation of the Single Use Plastics Directive makes the plastic tax seem like a well thought our tax, but here it is , the following explains how it works and includes the new updated legislation.




What Packaging and tableware has been banned.

The SUP Directive came into effect in July 2021 (with further amendments in July 2023, see below) and a ban was implemented on the following:

Plastic straws: The ban includes straws made from all plastics, including bioplastics like PLA. Plastic straws are only permitted in hospitals and only for patients unable to independently consume food or drink without one. 

Replace with: Our paper straws.

Plastic plates: All plastic plates are affected by the ban, including paper or cardboard plates with linings made of plastics like PE and PLA. 

Replace with: Our non plastic lined bagasse plates or Our Eat Me™ plates.

Plastic cutlery: The ban affects all single-use cutlery made of plastic, including bioplastics like PLA

Replace with: Our paper and wood cutlery or Our Eat Me™ cutlery.

Plastic beverage stirrers: The ban applies to all single-use stirrers made of plastic, including bioplastics like PLA

Replace with: Our wood spoons, our wood stirrers or Our Eat Me™ spoons.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) food and drink containers: The ban only applies to EPS takeaway boxes and cups (with or without lids). Polystyrene (PS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) products are excluded from this category, as well as EPS fish trays and meat boxes. 

Replace with: Our bagasse or FSC™ or cardboard containers.

Oxo-degradable products: When products made from oxo-degradable plastics break down, they can result in microplastics. 

Replace with: Any of our products as we don't use Oxo plastics in any of our products.


Changes from 1st July 2023

The new legislation means that importing packaging into the Netherlands could mean that you have to register for the import of any of our products and charge your customers a fee , to check whether this applies and what to charge, click here.


What's the direction of travel

It seems the EU and the Netherlands have decided to throw their environmental policy behind a barrier approach like reusable when better non barrier approaches like plant based materials already exists.

If you want to find out the origins of this legislation and upcoming changes - Click Here.

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