Send Us Your Rubbish

Send Us Your Rubbish

Single use plastics are rubbish

We have launched a campaign, we are calling “send us your rubbish* 

Want to help your businesses to move away from from your nasty plastic based packaging to a more sustainable compostable plant based solution.

So if you want to make a difference, and you want your business to become a “ Sustainable Corporate Citizen” , you can email our technical team pictures or descriptions of your current food to go packaging, and we will send suggestion of plant based alternatives, and we will even tell you how much carbon you save by making the switch.

What we need is the following.

  1. Send us a picture or a description of what you use it for.
  2. Let us know how many you buy per month and we will calculate the carbon saving.
  3. If you know the material your packaging is made from and this will allow us to give you a genuine like for like comparison.
  4. If you send us the price you currently pay and we will even tell you whether it is financially beneficial to make the switch.
  5. And we love to give you something extra so we will even send you a code so you will get 10% off all future orders , forever which is a long time.

Send us your rubbish packaging

* please don't send us your rubbish as a picture or description will do.

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