Some good news to report, it took a while

Some good news to report, it took a while

We have been talking about the huge environmentally damage that comes from peat extraction and how composting plant based packaging could be the solution to the huge harm done by peat extraction since 2018 and they have finally done it.

While everyone has lost sight of the some of the real issues such as recycling plastics is recycling a problem and saving trees is great but saving peatlands is crucial to the planet, we have talked in length about how important as a carbon sponge peat is , it's 3% of the worlds land mass yet holds twice as much carbon as the entire worlds forest combined and yet no one was taking it seriously.

We considered it so important we added this to our website in 2019 - Click Here 

Thankfully the UK Government has finally give the ban of peat based compost it's importance and announced a ban, this seems like a small thing until you consider organisations like Just Stop Oil have taken the attention away from a very real problem, it so big a problem for the UK as 12% of our landmass is made up of peatlands and this alone holds 5.5 billion tonnes of carbon and each time we extract it , we are releasing almost 10 million tonnes of carbon per year, thats the equivalent of the carbon output of 3 million homes, it's that big a problem.

Thankfully the UK Government has woken up ( sadly not to the damage they are doing by including our products in with the Plastic Tax) and the benefit to the UK and the worlds environment will see a huge benefit.

We don't often say this but well done, UK Government.

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