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The FSB National Awards 2023

The FSB National Awards 2023

It was an incredible day and we were up against some incredible businesses doing incredible things to make the world more sustainable, so we were thrilled to be the #fsbawards2023 Welsh Sustainable Business of the Year but sadly it was Scotlands day (or happily if you are Scottish) , as we only had two Welsh Winners #B.Xcellence won Diversity and Inclusion Awards and all Businesses put through as Community Business winners all won the Community Business Award including the excellent and amazing Community Furniture Aid.

Well done to the winner in  our category for the UK @egotech

The highlight for us and everyone we spoke to was the winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the year Dr Kirsty Smitten from @Metallobio , a truly exceptional winner.

We like to think of ourselves as fighting the good fight and we are very proud of what we do and the difference we make but we were truly humbled by this incredible Entrepreneur and her amazing business, Dr Kirsty Smitten is fighting her own personal battle but while doing this she is working to solving the future issue of  antibiotic resistance which is a huge future timebomb, well done Kirsty you actually had a standing ovation, something we have never seen at a business event before, you are an exceptional and inspiring leader.

The Awards in numbers

3500 nominees

11 Awards

12 winners per award.

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