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Let's be Transparent
Lets be Transparent
We pride ourselves on a few things, ethical business, environmentally positive products and the open and transparent way we do business.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it didn't
Businesses are run by people and this business is run by a family that not only wants to make a difference but wants to give an exceptional experience ( we don't always succeed but we do try our best) and a common point raised was “why don't you sell...
A simple answer to the complex problem of plastics
I once watched a documentary on the Poundshop and the most common question they were asked was “how much is this?” and we have the same issues as we often get asked “Which of your products are not made from plants” and we have a very simple answer.
Free UK Mainland
Free delivery is a challenging issue
Change is a foot
We are all about transparency, so we decided to keep you updated with what's been happening at The Pure Option secret underground Bat Cave ( this part may be poetic licence).