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We are going home compostable
We never consider The Pure Option™ or our products the finished article.
Compostable Hinged Dessert & Deli Containers
You make amazing salad or indulgent desserts and you want to show them off to the world.
Ready for the summer
Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, the British Governments upcoming war on PLA ( we don't understand why, as PLA is made from corn) has meant we have had to look at replacements for a large part of our deli and food bowls , so we have a range...
It's finally here, the worlds first Planet Friendly Disinfectant & Hand Sanitiser in One
We first looked at cleaning and anti-bacterial products way back in 2018,  but each time we thought we had the perfect product, the price wouldn't be realistic, it wouldn't offer a positive contribution to the environment or it would have some health...