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Fighting misinformation
What Just Stop Oil Should Be Talking About & Isn't
It oftens surprises people that we aren't big fans of JUST STOP OIL  , but if you really think about JSO they actually create climate anxiety other and skewing the debate on a very real issue the climate crisis in a way that is unhealthy, counter...
Eco Terms Minus the Green Washing Guide
Navigating eco terms is confusing for people like us who live and breath it, so picking your way through some of the terms ( if you have a life) can be confusing and in some cases, eco terms can hide some naughtiness.
Its not a conspiracy if its true
I was once interviewed by the BBC to talk about the effects of tax on business and I pointed out to the interviewer that we were also effected by the Plastic Tax even though we have never sold plastics and our products don't contain plastics ( see below)...
Fighting against green washing "plant based packaging contaminates waste streams"
The UK Government is on a mission to eradicate PLA (made from corn) from our waste stream, in favour of a recycling based solution to the plastic problem ( this argument assumes that something made from plants is a problem).
Fighting against the PLA "can't be recycled argument"
There is an understandable obsession with recycling , this is understandable because we have a legacy issue with plastics to deal with but it will come as no surprise to anyone, but we absolutely no that making something that is designed for one use...