The Pure Option News

We've changed, but in a good way
Occasionally you may of heard from us asking why you did not complete your order, or if you have any feedback and a few things kept popping up.
Our delivery is changing
The upcoming plastic ban has forced us to revaluate every  aspects of how we do things as the Plastic Tax has had a hugely negative effect on our industry and we are expecting the plastic ban to have an even bigger impact on our business.
The Pure Option is off to the National FSB Awards 2023.
The Pure Option is representing Wales in the FSB™ Sustainability Awards on the 18th May 2023.
Our biggest ever sale
It's been a challenging time for us all , so we had a think about the cost of living and decided we didn't want to pass on all the price increases we have had over the past year, so we thought long and hard about it and decided we could reduce the price...
Helping with the cost of living
We have been thinking about the cost of living crisis , it's been effecting The Pure Option­™ , our team and our customers.