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Company Updates
Fairer Delivery is Here
It's here , we now have the same delivery charge for all of the UK,  and not just the Mainland.
Why we have changed our delivery
We know delivery matters to people, and it is the cause of just about every complaint our customers have , so we realised we really had to up our game, but how do you do this while balancing, environmental, cost, reliability and a service that worked...
Did you notice we disappeared offline, here's why
So we have been doing a lot of work on the backend of our website, while the British Government does all it can to drive us out of business with the plastic tax and the upcoming plastic ban for the awful crime of not adding plastics to our products (...
Not here on Monday
We like to think of ourselves as a responsible employer, so we close over the holiday period so our teams can spend the time with their family, at the pub, beach, caravan and in one case visiting family.