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UK Legislation
What we think about the 20mph limit in Wales
It took a lot of debate on whether we should have a view on this policy, we do have a view but we are very aware that politics and social media can create its own issues when a business makes it's political view known.
The Plastic Ban is Here
Well it's here and it came with less of a bang and more of a whimper and most businesses didn't even know it was coming, but whether it was well advertised or not, it's here and it's important we are all prepared.
Some good news to report, it took a while
We have been talking about the huge environmentally damage that comes from peat extraction and how composting plant based packaging could be the solution to the huge harm done by peat extraction since 2018 and they have finally done it.
Our response to proposed banning a number of products
Update 2nd May -This article has been revised after a conversation with the Welsh Government and has changed to reflect the fact that a ban only applies to polymers (including corn based PLA) and not all materials as originally thought