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Companies thinking the right way
Seaweed could be the answer to solving the plastic problem
We love clever and inventive solutions to the problem of plastics and we do love what Notpla is doing.
Psydro Talks Amazon
We often get asked why we don't sell on Amazon and there is a very long and unpleasant story behind this that we won't bore you with, which means we will never sell on Amazon, we are on all the other platforms.
Highlighting Innovate businesses
It's very easy to see the Just Stop Oil protests and read the constant negative news about the climate disaster ( even this term is un-helpful) so we are highlighting innovative solutions to problems that exist that just aren't being talked about.
We love companies that find a simple plant based solution to plastic packaging
It's great to see an example of solving a problem by using a plant based alternative, a simple but effective environmentally positive solution.