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We have new things made from happy trees

We have new things made from happy trees

We are always looking at our products and looking at ways of improving them, so we have a new range of kraft FSC™ Certified food bowls and containers to replace our PLA containers.

We love PLA as it comes from corn and is a wonderful clear material, but it just doesn't like home composters and isn't recyclable, so we are actively looking at materials that are recyclable and home compostable.

So our new food bowls and containers are made from a home compostable material that is also recyclable, so it gives the best environmental outcomes.

We always recommend composting as this is a much better environmental outcome than recycling ( think of recycling as reusing a problem material) , but no matter how they are disposed of , they add positively to the environment.

We should also add that as they come from FSC™ certified wood sources they are sustainable by design.

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