We've changed, but in a good way

We've changed, but in a good way

We've been pretty busy

Occasionally you may of heard from us asking why you did not complete your order, or if you have any feedback and a few things kept popping up.

So with this in mind, we have made the following improvement to our website based on feedback (thanks to all the people who told us where we were going wrong or how we could do it better).

Completed this weekend (website design)

  • We have changed some of the colours we use to make reading text easier,  so we have started using pastel colours to make things clearer.
  • We want to keep you informed but we realise we have in the past killed people with too much information, so we have moved a lot of the content on our website to purpose built pages, so for example, if you want to find out about us for example , it is no longer on the front page or category but can be found if you want it by clicking on about us, you will only see information that you want to see.
  • Our  customers (along with Google) , have told us that our page loads too slowly, so we reduced the amount of information on our home page, category and product page.
  • We have reduced the sizes of our images to speed up page loading times.
  •  Our hosting company has updated our caching system to make our site load faster.

Completed this weekend (delivery)

  • Delivery is our most contentious issue and with this in mind we have tried to find a balance of price ( as delivery charge seems to be a major issue for our customers and cause a large number of abandoned carts) and consistent reliability for UK national customers and our international customers, this is been a hard one as we have found no courier has been consistently good in all areas with the exception of Royal Mail, so  we have now moved to Royal Mail for nearly all deliveries, this does mean that we have had to introduce a one day handling period and we can no longer dispatch the same day but this does keep the price low and offers an improved delivery experience.

On-going (design)

  • We have been told that finding the right product is a challenge, so we have created product ranges where you can choose the size you want.
  • We have been told that finding the right lid is confusing, so we have started numbering our products by the lid size (obviously only applies to products with a lid) so all products with lids,  will not start with a N number corresponding to the lid size, so for example a N90 lid will fit a N90 cup or container, hopefully this simplifies things, we have also started putting links to the right lids in the product page to make choosing the right lids easier.
  • We have been told the main reason people choose next day delivery was due to forgetting to order in time, so all products will eventually  have a discounted subscription option, so you can automate ordering and save money at the same time.
  • We have been told our search is,  to use a recent quote “rubbish” , so we are working on a new elastic search system with a predictive system built in that suggest what people using the search term commonly look for, we hope this will greatly improve our search and makes it easier for you.
  • We have been asked for more disposal information , so every product will have a disposal tab  on the product page telling you the best way to dispose of the product using our new traffic light system, so doing the right things is easier.

On-going (product)

  • We know we have a wide range of products and we have been looking at this in order to comply with the poorly thought our Plastic Ban coming in October, so we were always going to reduce our product range, but one of the issues we hadn't expected was our large range was confusing for our customers, so we will be reducing our product range to about 150 products from our current 450 products ( you can still order the other 300 products, but these will be to order and have MOQ's applied) and we will be breaking down categories so no more than 25 products per category to make searching simpler.

As always if there is something else  we should be doing, we are always open to feedback , one question we haven't an answer for is “why more people don't leave reviews of our products” , if you have any feedback on this subject , we would greatly appreciate it.


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