We've gone home bag compostable

We've gone home bag compostable

We are always looking at ways to improve the environmental performance of our products, and with this in mind, we will be moving to a 100% home compostable range of bags.

PLA is an amazing, but much maligned material that for has a surprising and unearned negative reputation with the UK Government, the argument goes “ PLA contaminates the plastic waste streams”, it's of course total nonsense but that's the argument and no amount of facts is going to change it.

Sadly the Government managed waste streams just don't have a policy on how to deal with bio material correctly, it's why we say with most of our products to add them to a commercial waste collection, even though there is no reason they couldn't be added to home food waste collections ( please don't take this as validation to add to your home compost bin, your Council will absolute not appreciate it).

So with these surprising barriers in place, we had the choice to either be annoyed and to attempt policy change ( we have tried both of these and they don't work) or to see this as challenge accepted and find a solution, so we now make all of our bags from home compostable materials.

That solution is premium Natureflex (basically wood pulp), FSC wood or lower cost glassine ( basically wood pulp) .

So we have created a range of home compostable bags from Natureflex and glassine, you still can't add them to your paper collections at home sadly, as they will be treated as a petrol based plastic (they aren't),  so we have created a home compostable range.

Just add them to your home composter and depending on the health of your composter , they will turn into nutrient rich compost in 6 weeks to 16 weeks.



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