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Our mission to be a champion of Carbon Negative and Impact Positive.

We were founded with the ambitious goal of creating a more sustainable world and eliminating single-use plastics. We have achieved considerable success, but that does not mean we are not continuously seeking ways to improve and make a greater environmental impact. Therefore, we are constantly updating our statement of impact to showcase both our accomplishments and areas for improvement.


Social & Ethical Impact

✅ We have made a move from overseas production of our products, to a UK centric solution, we are currently at 72% UK manufactured, which reduces the carbon footprint of our UK made products by 12%.

✅ We only work with companies that are SEDEX member, or have a proven ethical approaches to their supply chain and workforce.

✅ We have a policy of sharing 10% of our profits with our employees & 10% with local charities (hopefully we can do more of this when we get past poorly thought our policies like the Plastic Tax & Plastic Ban).

✅ We source our products using plant based waste from agriculture, so that we can offer additional income to farmers.

✅ We are open & honest, we publish our profits, profit margins & costs, in our "Lets be Transparent" , we consider ourselves a responsible corporate citizen, honest and open is in our DNA.

✅ We strongly believe that zero hour contracts are only acceptable if the employee asks for it, we work around the lifestyles of our team & always look for ways of working that help our team to work happy and not just effective.

Economic Impact

✅ We have a policy of sharing 10% of our profits with our team & 10% with local charities, this is so we can improve the lives of our team and the community we operate in.

✅ We work with our supply chain to help them to be a driver of change.

✅ We hire people based on their values & not their CV, we work with people who may be considered disadvantaged, but to us they are considered someone valuable and worth investing in.

Managing the worlds finite resources responsibly

✅ We were told we could get around the plastic tax by adding 30% recycled plastic to our products, we will never sell plastic based products, even when it financial hurts us, we only do plant based products, no compromising here.

✅ We track the carbon footprint of all of our products and if there is a way of creating our products with better environmental outcomes, we change our products.

✅ We look at our impact and find ways of doing it with minimum (or preferably, no impact), we offset our servers carbon, eliminated paper brochures & incentivise our customers to order in bigger quantities to reduce the shipping carbon.

✅ We reuse waste material, our current waste is less than 1%.

✅ Our company vehicles are low Co2 or electric.

✅ We encourage our team to work from home.

✅ We utilise technology to avoid needless journeys, so nearly all of our meetings are done online.

✅ We currently repurpose 99% of our waste and we have plans to eliminate the 1%, currently all of our coffee, tea waste is composted.

✅ We have reduced paper and ink usage by using label printers where possible, and avoiding printing of documents, all financial records are now stored in the cloud and not printed, we have also avoided printing brochures and marketing and created all marketing for our customers as downloadable assets.

Our obligations to our customers

✅ We will always act in the most honest and transparent way, if we get it wrong we will be honest we got it wrong, even when it hasn't been noticed, we will always do the right thing.

✅ We will always be transparent about what we do and how we do it and will add this to our Let's be transparent page, we will be open about our financial information including profit margins, net profit, shipping charges and costs, and pay scales.

✅ We want to empower you and give you the facts that help you to make the right choices, we don't believe in the current narrative of telling you that you are an awful person, messing the planet up, we give you the information to make an informed choice.

✅ We created our carbon audits so you can drive sales, just by doing the right thing, we recommend sharing with the world the amazing difference you are making.

✅ We are here to support you, see us as your free environmental experts, advice is always free and non judgemental, we will also create the tools to empower our customers to make them more aware of the difference they are making.

✅ We will do our best to get the success stories of environmental wins to counteract the negative media stories that are creating climate anxiety, we will do this by using facts and educate people about their options to empower people and not disengage people, our message will be factual but positive.

Work in progress

Social & Ethical Impact

  We are looking at moving to greener energy in the office, this will be reviewed before we renew our energy contracts.

Economic Impact

 Sadly 2022 to 2024 has been one shock after another, which has meant we have been running at a loss, this has sadly meant that their has been no profits to donate to local charities, and to financially assist our team members, we have gone through a restructuring that should mean we return to profit by 2025, when we plan to return to sharing 10% of our profits to local community organisations and 10% to our team.

 We have sadly lost of a number of our team through illness and bereavement, none of these lost employees have been replaced, but as soon as funds allow we will be replacing these lost team members with new employees on living wage plus a share of the profits.

Managing the worlds finite resources responsibly

 We currently have waste, including production and office waste of less than 1%, and we are exploring solutions that allow us to reuse our cardboard, label backing and shrink wrap waste (everything else is recycled, repurposed or composted).

 We have plans to purchase our own premises, where we will use renewable energy, when funds allow.

 We currently import 22% of our products, and we are actively looking at ways of manafacturing these products in the UK, currently this is hampered by issues with obtaining materials, cost of materials in the UK,  and some materials not being available in the UK, we will be returning to this issue when new materials become available, but currently we don't expect to eliminate this 22% until 2027, but we will be reducing this over time.

Things we are still debating

 We have been looking at ethical banking, but we are undecided as these banks exclude fossil fuels as part of their portfolio, we are aware of the bigger picture of a need for fossil fuels in the short term and exclude extraction and importing fuel actually adds 12% extra carbon than UK extraction, so we are still debating this subject.