Compostable Cold Drink Packaging


Attention all milkshake and coffee lovers!

Are you tired of sacrificing your taste buds for the sake of the planet?

Well, worry no more because our product has got you covered with its 100% planet-friendly loveliness!

Say goodbye to harmful plastic materials and hello to sustainable alternatives with our milkshake and coffee maker, made from biodegradable and sustainable plant-based materials.

Not only will you be enjoying delicious drinks, but you'll also be reducing your carbon footprint and leaving a positive impact on the environment. But wait, there's more!

Our plant-based materials not only benefit the planet but also enhance the taste of your beverages, making them even more delectable. Who knew that being eco-friendly could taste so good?

So skip the guilt and indulge in guilt-free deliciousness with our milkshake and coffee maker. You'll be the talk of the town with your sustainable and scrumptious drinks. Plus, with its durable and long-lasting design, you'll be enjoying your favourite drinks for years to come.

Do your taste buds and the planet a favour by choosing our planet-friendly milkshake and coffee maker. Trust us, your taste buds and Mother Earth will thank you.

Get yours now and join the plant-based revolution!

How our sizes work

We've made choosing the right cup and lid as simple as possible.

Cup Type Lid Option
PLA Cold Cups
N76 PLA Cold Cups N76 (76mm) lid (typically 5 to 7oz cups)
N96 PLA Cold Cups N96 (96mm) lid (typically 9 to 20oz cups)
Paper Cold Cups
N76 Paper Cold Cup N76 (76mm) lid (typically 9 to 12oz cups).
N96 Paper Cold Cup N96 (96mm) lid ( typically 16 to 20oz cups).
Can be used with our N96 inserts to turn these cups into dessert pots.

Cold Cups

Download our PLA Cold Cup & Lid Guide
   Download our Paper Cold Cup & Lid Guide

Hot Cups

Download our Single Wall Hot Cup & Lid Guide
Download our Double Wall Hot Cup & Lid Guide

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

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Try our products, see if they work for you and make the change.

Send me Samples

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Try our products, see if they work for you and make the change.


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