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Labels they are just paper aren't they?

You would think so but most labels actually contain a fair amount of plastics (see they really do get everywhere), most labels have a plastic coating to protect the label and the argument is that this protects the label but in reality food labels are usually only on a product for a limited amount of time, so are they really needed, we don't think so, so we have removed it completely.

The real big issue is the backing tape and this has been the challenge, you need a plastic reel to remove the labels from, well that was the old way of looking at things, we like environmental solutions, so we are moving towards a new liner-less innovate technological approach.

So what's changed?

The first difference, is we have removed the plastic layer, we felt it didn't really add much to the label itself, so no real loss but the big bit is we are moving to a liner-less approach where our labels have a silicone ( basically sand) layer that allows them to stick to each other in a stack but then to allow them to be easily removed, all done without a plastic liner, clever right. 

You can now have a label that really shows off your brand, customisable to your business needs, minus the nasty environmental damaging bits.

So what's the benefit of liner-less labels?

  1. No plastics, we won't bore you about the problems of plastics, you know what these are, but our traditional labels had no plastics and our new labels will have no plastics and no plastic backing liners, it's just great for the environment.
  2. No roll, no limit to capacity ( well I suppose their are limits you wouldn't want a stack as high as a house, but you get what we mean) , our news rolls won't be limited to 1000 labels, saving space and money.
  3. Lower production costs leading to a lower cost per label, it makes financial sense.
  4. Easy to recycle or compost, it's a two environmental benefits type of product, composting is always the best option but if you want to recycle them, well that's ok too.
  5. It will eventually become the norm, we honestly think every manufacturer will eventually follow our lead, yes it causes us competition but this is all a bit bigger than us, so it's a win for the planet.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

MOQ's 10,000 labels
Available in various shapes and sizes

MOQ's 10,000 labels
Available in various shapes and sizes

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