We love to make new friends as we are a sociable bunch at The Pure Option™

What you can expect from us.

We consider our distributors as an extension of our companies mission to do the right thing and we are here to support you every step of your journey, whether you are new to plant based packaging or you are an existing company looking to grow their range of plant based products, we have tailored our discounts and support to what works for you.

Our discounts system kicks in with as little as two boxes and we have made it easy to understand how much you save by buying our products in bulk, but we offer so much more.

What we look for it a distributor

We are an award-winning business with an award-winning reputation for honesty, great products and making a difference to our planet.

With this in mind, we do like to work with companies that share our values and to want to make a difference, we aren't dogmatic about this but we wouldn't be able to work with anyone with a reputation that damages our brand, but if you are great bunch of chaps or chappettes ( we don't discriminate) and care about what you do, your a great fit as a distributor. 

We just like nice people who care about doing the right thing.

Now the discount bit

We have a very tailored approach to discounts, you may operates out of your living room, that's ok , in fact that's how we started.

You may not be able to buy in full pallets or even have storage, we have a discounted price for you, in fact you can even leverage our own delivery network and we will drop ship it for you, just order the product and add a different shipping address, we do the hard bit for you.

What matters to us is that you are seen as a reliable partner than promotes our brand in a positive way, it's all about the person.

How do I take advantage of these bulk discounts

We like to think of ourselves as flexible and adaptive to you, so as mentioned we have distributors who buy and sell our products in as little as two boxes and we have distributors that buy in pallet quantities, we have distributors who we dropship for, we really do adapt to what you need.

1.  First register for an account

2. Order from our Bulk Discount Section Here and select account customer as your payment option and we will send you an invoice*

*Please note we aren't able to offer net monthly accounts to business under 12 months or non UK companies, these orders will be on a pro-forma basis.

Please also note before supplying you we will have to do some checks and we may in certain circumstance refuse accounts.