Our products are an easy win as 100% of our products are made from plants, which means they are 100% sustainable, 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable , we don't supply anything that doesn't have an environmental benefit.

This means that our products are a tailored fit as festivals go plastic free as we have never and will never manufacture distribute or sell any products with petrol based plastics.

Here's how we can help your event go off with a bang , minus the environmental explosion.

We can create a personalised discount for your vendors and you can choose one of these following options that work for you.

1. We can create a unique discount code for your vendors that give them 20% of their purchases.

2. We can create a unique discount code that gives your vendors 10% off and we pay your festival 10% commission, a great way to create extra revenue for your event.

3. We can create a unique discount code that gives your vendors 10% off and we can donate 10% to a charity you nominate.

4. We will appoint a point of contact , one of our senior team who can provide you with carbon saving information, advice on waste , basically your own environmental expert who is committed to helping your event to be more sustainable.

5. We will provide a FREE Feed a Field™ carbon audit 

How to dispose of our products

There is really is no bad options as they are made of plants after all , but there is better options , how you dispose of our products is up to you but here is the options.

Composting into nutrient rich compost

We always recommend having our products disposed of using a company like First Mile* that specialise in composting plant based packaging, this offers the best carbon saving , in fact it doubles the carbon savings from using our products, it allows our products to be turned into compost and eliminates the need for peat extraction ( a forgotten problem that really does create some serious issues)..

There is also another benefit of this method as this method generates natural gases such as methane and carbon dioxide that can be used to replace gas imports and create natural gas for energy creation.

Adding them to general waste

We recommend having a conversation with your waste partner as to where your general waste ends up, if your products end up in a energy from waste facility.

Energy for Waste Facilities ( EFW) incinerate your waste to create greener electricity, previously we exported this to Nordic companies but thankfully most of our general waste now ends up in EFW facilities , which means they are incinerated to create electricity.

Landfills are thankfully not common these days but basically they are send to be buried in a layered environment and compacted.

Is this a bad thing, well it's not our favourite option as  they will take longer to decompose in a layered environment but as they are plant based, they break down into nutrient rich compost and they don't contaminate the land they are disposed of in, so they aren't the best option but they are still a better option that plastic packaging which takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of years to break down into toxic micro plastics.

*The Pure Option™ is not connected with First Mile™ and we offer no guarantee , there are other companies that also compost plant based packaging, but we have heard lots of positive feedback about First Mile, so it's not a recommendation but a suggestion.