We love the UK a lot, which is why we have moved 72% of our production back to the UK ( and we are working on the other 28%).

In an ideal world we would make 100% of our products in the UK but the issue is that some of the materials we use don't grow in the UK, we just don't grow enough corn (PLA) or sugar cane (Bagasse) as two examples, so we are looking at alternatives to these materials and if we can find one that works , we will hopefully one day have 100% UK manufactured, we are nothing if not ambitious.

If you buy any of our Made in Green Britain™ range, you can be certain they are made in the UK (saving an additional 12% carbon) and made to a high standard of production and ethical standards.

So if you want to buy British products made using wonderful plant based materials, well your in luck as you will find them here.