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Let's Change The World™

We've all seen stories like this in news headlines and it doesn't exactly fill you with optimism for the future, but the truth is that it all starts with small steps, just by being a responsible and informed shopper, you can not only made a difference, you can make a huge difference.
The power is in your hand , the reality is simple changes can reduce your impact on the planet and by making informed choices you can actually help to make a positive impact on the planet.

It's all about knowledge and sadly the news headlines don't inform, they chastise, so we want to inform.
If you know some or all of what we are saying , please note we aren't teaching you to suck eggs, we are writing this for everyone, so do bare with us, as we find we have all learnt something in the process of setting this company up that we didn't know, so we can all learn something.

So what have we been doing that is having a huge impact?
If we take plastics as an example they are made from oil which was always the worst choice to create a material from and it's just not sustainable, it comes from unstable areas of the world , it's quite often taken from our oceans that causes environmental contamination and because of the viscosity of oil compared to water that fills the gaps , it can lead to earthquakes and it's shipping adds to the carbon output of the planet.

So we all accept that oil is not a great thing unless we leave it where it was, so using it as a single use product is just plain irresponsible.

We often get asked why we haven't created a replacement for glass bottles or cans and the answer is , the best material is already glass and aluminium , it can be recycled indefinitely and it's great at what it does.

The same is true of petrol based plastics, We don't have an issue with plastics as they are great at something, a car dashboard made of PLA (our most common material which looks like plastic but is made from corn) it just wouldn't do the job , it's about horses for courses and the right horse for a car dashboard is petrol based plastic (although this is likely to change in the future) but for a single use disposable product, we need a product that adds positively to the environment and petrol based plastic certainly don't do this. 

I'm one person what can I do about it?
It's easy to feel powerless as the scale of the problem is huge and the amount of misinformation telling you that your a terrible person, can be overwhelming but the truth is the power is all yours, you have the power of choice, take your custom to a sustainable business that uses plant based materials and all business will start to follow , the reason they don't is they just don't feel they have to, so making them realise they do will make them a sustainable business.

We don't believe in barriers which is why we don't encourage reusable cups because they have their own environment issues ( what happens to them after the break , yes you've got it , they have to be sent for incineration or landfill)  but making a change to a compostable cup or a compostable food box actually benefits the environment as it's the perfectly circular alternative, to put it simply they come from plants and when you dispose of them, they can be used to grow more plants, it's good for the planet.

So what positive steps can I take?
We recommend using your power of choice, if you went into your local coffee shop or take-away and ask them if they are using compostable packaging and they aren't, tell them that you want a more responsible and sustainable alternative, it's that simple , the power of your custom is your power and we recommend using it.

So what positive steps can I take?
Hopefully we have unravelled a bit of the negative environmental propaganda but if you are really interested , you can check out the environmental benefits of our products by clicking this link below.
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And something to end on

There are of course more benefits but these are a few of the big ones.