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N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250
N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250
N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250
N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250
N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250
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Product Description

Introducing our durable paper straws!

These straws are not like the ones you remember from school or the ones found at popular burger joints.

We've put them to the test, leaving them in a fizzy drink for 6 hours and they passed with flying colours, they remained strong and usable without getting squishy.

No need to worry about straws breaking going limp or splitting.

  • ideal for cocktail glasses or as a short stirrer straw.
  • As low as 2.1p per straw.
  • Tested to hold their strength and shape for at least two hours.
  • BRCS™ certification for food safety.
  • Made from FSC™ sustainable paper sources.
  • Ideal for any foods cold or chilled drink.
  • Perfectly designed to act as a straw and stirrer.
  • Perfect 6 mm diameter designed for all standard drinks , for thick shakes and smoothies we recommend our smoothie straws.
  • All the benefits of plastics straws with none of the environmental downsides.
  • Certified as compostable and ethically sourced to Feed a Field Packaging™ standards.
  • Please note due to UK legislation which bans straws to home customers (UK customers only), we may have to cancel your order if we can't confirm you are ordering for a food business, medical business, care business, school or prison, we appreciate this is bonkers when our straws are made from plants but we are legally can't sell to UK home customers or businesses outside of the above, sorry.

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UK RM Tracked 48 - £3.95+

Northern Ireland, Highlands & UK Islands £3.95

FREE UK delivery on orders over £74.99.

International £5.95+

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N1 Paper Small Compostable Cocktail Stirrer Straws 6mm x 250

Product Code S1-PS06CBLK-1x250

Packs of 250 to 5000 straws
Ideal for cocktail glasses
L145 x W6 mm (5.75 x 0.24 inch)
As low as 2.1p per straw

Save 10% when you choose to have regular deliveries of this product.

No minimum subscription length & cancel anytime.


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