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We have a number of brands in our range, some of them are brands owned by The Pure Option™, including ECOFusion™, EcoLux™, Made from Plants™ and Made in Green Britain™ and some of them are partner brands such as Natureflex™ and Vegware™.

All of the brands we stock are 100% compostable, 100% made from plants, 100% biodegradable, 100% sustainable and products in our ECOfusion™ range are both compostable and recyclable to give the best environmental outcome, no matter how you dispose of them.

ECOFusion™ is our new range of products designed using compostable and recyclable materials such as Natureflex™ and sustainable certified wood.

EcoLux™ is our new range of products designed from a high quality material and designed for quality led and not price led customers.

Made from Plants™ is our new range of products that are designed for a more price sensitive customer and are priced to be as close to the price of their plastic equivalent as we can make them.

Made in Green Britain™ is our range of compostable products made with love in the UK, these products offer an additional 12% carbon saving when compared to the imported Made from Plants™ range and have a heavily audited production that offers the very best ethical as well as sustainable outcomes, so we can feel confident that they are the best environmental and ethical change of custody of any compostable products.

Natureflex™ is the worlds most respected manafacturer of clear films and clear bags made using only wood, they replace materials like PET and LDPE and it always amazes people that they are made of wood, they are also recyclable as well as compostable so you may see these in the ECOfusion™ range.

Vegware is ( like us) a multiple award winning compostable brand and unlike us, they are the worlds biggest company in the eco packaging industry, started in Scotland and now part of the US Novelex group they have in a very few years become synonymous with any packaging that is compostable or plant based, in fact people often buy our own brands and still refer to them as Vegware, they are that big a deal.