Vision Statement

To provide a natural plant-based solution that creates a more sustainable world.

We are a humble lot at The Pure Option™ and we don't like to brag ( we are British after-all)  but we have to admit we are passionate about making a difference and fixing the world's problems and that's why we were started with the lofty ( and we also admit un-realistic) mission to say "goodbye" to single use plastic ( the ones made from dead trees and dinosaurs).

We aren't what you would call eco warriors, but we were started with a mission to make a difference, and to be an ethical value led business that only supplies products that are great at what they do but must have a positive effect on the planet.

We don't compromise on our values, we were authentic before it became a term, we were socially responsible before it became fashionable, we just believe that we can, and must make a difference and we want our customers to know they can make a difference, these are our values that The Pure Option™ live by.

  1. We conduct our business in a socially responsible, honourable and ethical manner. and we do not produce or distribute any products that does not provide an environmental benefit.
  2. We support ethical and honourable treatment of our team and all of our employees are paid at least the living wage to provide a better standard of living for the team
  3. We work with our supply chain to encourage them to share our values and we will not work with a company that does not share these values, we prefer to work with SEDEX members, but as long as a company has a value led and ethical approach to it's people, it's supply chain and the environment, we will work with them.
  4. We are constantly monitoring our environmental impact, we now have 72% of our products made in the UK to reduce shipping miles and their carbon footprint ( and we are working on the 28%) which improves their carbon performance by 12%.
  5. We actively review our processes and products to see if we can create better and greener products, and we actively research new bio polymers ( plant made products) to make an even greater environmental contribution.
  6. We try to live these values in our home lives and we hire people for their values and not their CV.
  7. We believe in profit sharing our success so 10% percentage of our profits are redistributed to the team as we believe our success should improve the lives of our team.
  8. We believe that business can be a driver for change and that businesses have an obligation to their local environment and that is why we share 10% of our profits with local charities or charities that operate on a local level.
  9. We don't believe that we are the finished article, so we encourage feedback from our customers, supply chain and our team as a way of continuous improvement. 
  10. We don't just want to sell our products, we want to help our customers to become Sustainable Corporate Citizens, we do this with advice and sharing of learnings.
  11. We are transparent in our business practises, we are open and encouraged scrutiny. We operate by a system of continuous improvement, we don't do secrets.
  12. Work should be happy, and going to work should not be a chore so we want to create a great place to work designed to create a great work life balance.
  13. We always aim for exceptional customer service as we aim for our customers to to become our Brand Ambassadors (92% of our business comes from recommendations and returning customers).