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We think we have an interesting story to tell , we created The Pure Option™ as concerned citizens and the company was started by a woman who wanted to make the world a more sustainable place, so we are always open to media interest in our company and our products.

We would love to chat to you about what we do, why we do it and what makes us special, so please feel free to get in touch with our Media Manager.

We know modern Journalists are time poor so we have created some media assets to make writing any articles quick and simple.

We have a number of articles on the environment designed for the media that would make a good news story, if you would like us to write or use one of our environmental articles.

If you have a subject your would like us to write or you want to interview any member of our team.

Charlie our Media Manager. is here to help.

Areas we have written media articles on.

1. Enviromentalism.   2. Entrepreneurship.  3. Family Business.  4. Eco Consumerism.  5. Plant based materials.

6. SME.  7. Climate Anxiety.  8. Ethical Business.

Looking for inspiration , our blog is the best place to start, as this is where our articles usually start.

If you would like to find more information on our Media Manager and articles he has written for Quora, please click this link.

Where can I download information for media contacts for The Pure Option

We are thrilled you are interested in what we do and we have a media download section

View our awards videos

To download our media packs

Download our media pack

To email our Media Manager

Firstly thanks for your interest in The Pure Option

Our Media Manager who love to help you with any media enquiries or article suggestions for our social media feeds, we are here to help.

The Pure Option™ in the media

27/03/2023 Business News Wales Link
01/11/2022 Small Business Saturday Interview Link
28/10/2022 South Wales Argus Link
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31/08/2022 All About Korea (we were a bit surprised about this one) Link
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26/08/2022 What's on in Uxbridge (another random surprise article) Link
22/04/2022 EKM Blog Link
11/09/2020 South Wales Argus Link
01/10/2019 Welsh Labour Link
15/04/2019 BITC Awards Link

The Pure Option™ Awards

18/05/2023 FSB Sustainable Business of the Year 2023 Link
24/03/2023 FSB Wales Sustainable Business of the Year 2023 Link
01/11/2022 Small Business Saturday Interview Link
31/08/2022 Small Business Saturday Link
15/04/2019 BITC Awards Link