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Product Description

How to order samples

Order samples in 2 easy steps.

1. Add any samples you want in the "tell us what you want to sample part", don't worry if your not sure, just enter the products you sell or the type of business, e.g coffee shop or we sell cakes.

2. Click add to cart.

(Please be aware of our T&Cs below before placing an order for samples, we have tried to simplify our conditions but there are a few to be aware of).

Shipping your samples

We tried in the past to send samples free but this didn't work well as we had to send samples by the cheapest method and encouraged sample ordering out of interest.

This did have some unexpected consequences, as our warehouse team were spending huge amounts of time packaging samples and we found when we sent samples by a low cost, they were quite often not arriving or arriving late.

We also found our shipping carbon was huge and in some cases offsetting the carbon savings by converting to our products, so it also wasn't good for the environment.

So we now charge the cost of sending your samples by a reliable trackable service and we offer some free benefits to more than compensate for the cost of shipping your samples.

Free stuff to make up for the cost of shipping

1. All future orders will have an automatic 10% discount (this is forever, which is a long time*), if you want 10% off your future orders, please remember not to checkout as a guest, setting up an account is free and will save you money and give you access to other free things.

2. Free Feed a Field Certification™* carbon audits with orders over £300 and a certificate to impress your customers and if you order under £300.00,  we will give you access to our carbon calculation toolkit to work out the difference you are making for yourself.

3. Your own team of experts, we are here to provide advice and can help you become more sustainable.

4. Access to our free marketing to increase your sales from being a sustainable business owner / Manager.

Terms & Conditions Part (T&Cs)

We pride ourselves on being transparent (we even talk about when we got things wrong on our website) so we wanted to make you aware of some conditions with ordering samples.

  • There is a limit we have had to introduce, as we have had cases of people requesting hundreds of samples, so we now have a limit of 5 products & 5 lids (or there about as we aren't obsessed with the number 5 but we are trying to avoid a repeat of someone requesting 120 different samples which meant we had to let them finish early on a Friday to make up for it.
  • Maximum of two samples per product.
  • Please note we are unable to send samples for delisted or reduced items as these items are being removed from our product range.
  • You can request samples with an existing order and if your order is for a UK address and is over £75.00, the shipping is on us.
  • Something to consider - You can also order most of our products in as little as 10 , this means you can also try our products without needing to buy a full box, so you may find it beneficial to order the items you are interested in small quantities rather than request samples, the choice is yours.
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Send me Samples

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