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International Delivery

Consistent, cost effective delivery has been a big of an issue to get right (find out about our journey to find the perfect price and reliable solution) but we feel our new delivery pricing and service is the perfect balance for all of our international customers.

We ship across the world and all of our international deliveries are shipped by air mail to speed up your order but shipping international orders is sadly more expensive than we would like , we only charge what it costs, and we are constantly looking at how to ship your order at the lowest possible track-able service, we cap international orders at 60kg as anything over this is staggeringly expensive , if your order is over 60kg we will look at low cost options, if you are looking at bulk large orders, please email our international sales team as they will find the cheapest way of sending items over 60kg.

Please be aware that delivery aim is not guaranteed and international orders can take up to 25 working days ( Monday to Friday) , this only happens in less than 2% of all international orders but it does happen, so please note we can't refund or replace your order until 25 working days have elapsed as it is still considered in the post network until 25 working days have elapsed.

This depends on how good your state delivery company is.

Service Price Delivery Aim*      Conditions 
Standard international Deliveries.


depending on weight and location

2-14 days. 

Depending on location.

Europe 2 to 5 working days.

North America

3 to 7 working days

Rest of the World

5 to 14 days.

Orders before midday GMT Excludes Weekends and UK Bank Holidays.

* Delivery time varies by location and your countries internal mail network.

A bit about Import Tax & Customs.

Something to be aware of each government has their own policies and procedures when importing products,  which may mean that you will need to pay import taxes or fees, this is not something that we charge, it is a charge levied by each government and we have absolutely no control over if your postal service charges you an import fee but you should check your own Governments websites to see whether you have to pay import duties, it isn't always charged but if it is , we have a list below of the likely rates.

We send your item with a full and visible customs declaration to speed up your item going through customs but this does not guarantee that your countries customs process your order quickly, we have no control over how long your countries customs take to process your item, some countries are excellent, Canada and New Zealand for example and some are unreliable like Ireland and occasionally the US, please allow two weeks for customs clearance it shouldn't take this long but it has happened (thankfully not often).

Points to be aware of 

Estimated Import Tax

These figures are the latest tax rates for imports, they may change so we would recommend checking your nations Government website for confirmed import taxes but it does give you a guide of potential import taxes*.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czechnia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
10% 6% 20% 5% 5% 10% 25% 9% 10% 5.5% 7% 6%

Hungary Iceland Ireland  Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherland Norway Poland
5% 11% 10% 4% 12% 2.5% 9% 3% 5% 9% 0 to 5% 8%

Portugal Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
6% 5% 10% 10% 5% 4% 6% 0 to 5% 8%

Distributor Shipping

If you are looking at becoming a recurring customer or you are looking at Distributing our products in bigger quantities, it may be cheaper for you to set up a Distributors account and we can work out the most cost effective way of shipping the products to you, shipping pallets on a lorry is typically 50% cheaper as an example, so If you are looking at large quantities, click this link  - international sales team

We also offer discounts for bulk purchases

Boring legal Stuff the Lawyers made us add
Sorry it's those terms and conditions bit, we have tried to simplify this but we do need to make you aware, we have mentioned a few of these but we should still give you a bit of a reminder.

Things change if the pandemic has shown us anything , the unpredictable happens so we may have to change our delivery conditions without notice and we reserve this right.

Delivery terms and conditions correct at date of creation but are subject to change without notice as things do change.

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Updated - 19/03/2024