Natureflex™ is a perfect alternative to nasty flexible packaging ( think plastic bags) as it's completely clear like a PET bag (the most common material for these type of bags) but it has none of the environmental downsides.

It's a product that makes a highly positive impact with your customers but has a low impact on the planet, in fact it's actually good for the planet as they are made of wood after all.

What is Natureflex™

Natureflex™ is a range of bio based ( made from plants) compostable films use for flexible packaging ( think little plastic bags but not made from dead dinosaurs / plastic).

They are TUV certified as home and commercially compostable so they have all the benefits of nasty petrol based plastics but with none of the downsides and as they are made from wood fibres but as they are not made of thermoplastics, they are recyclable.

However recycling is just recycling a problem, whereas composting is solving the problem.

The benefits of Natureflex™

1. Natureflex™ has an amazing aroma barrier which keeps their contents from airing out.

2. Exceptional oxygen and moisture protection which keeps the contents fresher for longer.

3. Anti-static so they actually works for products that need static protection.

​​​​​​​4. Amazing clarity, really shows off your products.

5. Grease resistant properties so it doesn't absorb greasy materials.

6. Light and durable , less prone to opening compared to PET.

7. Easy to seal , just use a standard low temperature heat sealer.

8. Can be cut to a high range of sizes.

9. Home compostable plant based materials, so it's good for the planet, no environmental downsides.

10. As it's made from a natural material , it actually has a natural breathability which prevents fogging in chilled environments.

Is Natureflex™ biodegradable or compostable

​​​​​​​Natureflex™ is actually both biodegradable and compostable as biodegradation means it breaks down over time as a result of natural processes but biodegradable does not specify the timeframe or toxicity of it's outcome.

Certified compostable actually has a timeframe and toxicity of outcome as it must break down into nutrient rich compost (non toxic) in under 13 weeks, the standard it needs to meet is EN13432 and is assessed by TUV to make certain it meets these standards,

To simplify something a bit complex, all compostable products are biodegradable but not all biodegradable products are compostable.

Think Compostable = Good , Biodegradable = possibly Good or Bad.

Which of our products are made from Natureflex™


We have expanded our usage of Natureflex as until recently only our Natureflex heat sealable bags were made from Natureflex but we have been moving towards home compostable products so we now have our bakery window bags using a window made from Natureflex™, which now makes them home compostable and not just commercially compostable, we will also be moving over to Natureflex in our sandwich boxes, keep a watch on our blog as you will read it here first.


The temperature bit

As it's made from wood , it has good temperature properties.