We were asked recently by our Branding Bod , what made us special compared to our competition ( what remains of them as a lot of them have left the UK market) and surprising we never really thought about it so , we just got on with our mission to make the world a more sustainable place, we never really thought of ourselves as special , just concerned and engaged citizens trying to make the world a more sustainable place, but apparently we should be shouting about this, so here it is.

1. We are a family owned business, everyone who works at The Pure Option is related, this brings its own issues but one thing we are all united on is, we are 100% committed to what we do, no half measures here.

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2. We only do compostable because we know making single use items ( things designed for one use and then it is discarded) from plants is 100% the right choice for the planet.

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3. We have Europe's largest range of plant based products , at least 400 with more in development.

5. We are constantly innovating and find new solutions to the plastic problem.

4. We have been doing this in one guise or another long before it was fashionable in fact we started looking at the problem of plastics back in 2003.

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5. We carbon audit our products and can tell you the carbon saved for each product.

6. We are committed to the UK, making our products thousands of miles away is not the solution to reducing carbon, making them in the UK is, 72% of our products are made right here in Blighty and if we could ( we can't because of the materials but we are working on it) we would have 100% UK manafactured products.

7. We only work with nice people, supply partners who share our vision for a better world , not just environmentally but ethically, if it companies doesn't treat its employees right or its supply chain, we won't work with them, in fact most of our supply partners are SEDEX members.

8. We don't do anything that doesn't fit with our values of an ethical and sustainable world, it's simple its good for the planet and people or you won't see it here.

9. We don't compromise, we don't do half measures, it saves at least 25kg of carbon per 1000 or we don't do it, it has to make a difference, not just pretend too.

10. We are transparent , we don't hide anything , it's why you can find our mistakes as well as our successes in some of the pages on our website.

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11. We try ( not always successful but we really do try) to get our plant based products at no more than 10% of the nasty plastic versions, sadly this has made challenging from well intentioned but poorly thought out Governmental policy - More Here.

12. We know our onions ( do people still use that expression, not sure but we do) , you would be hard pressed to find a company with so much knowledge of the compostable market, its benefits and how to find solutions to plastics, think of us as your own team of experts.

13. We love where we are based, Wales is an incredible country that we love, it's not all sheep and coal mines, it's brilliant people who want to add positively to the planet, 3.5 million mostly wonderful people ( you always get one of two who aren't but we wouldn't talk to them anyway), we even love its road hating Government ( even though we think roads are important and they are looking at it the wrong way).

14. We don't just want to sell you our products , we want to inform you and help drive your sales by providing you with a carbon audit (orders over £300 only) or on request twice a year.

I'm sure there is a lot more and we will add more as they come to us but adding what makes us special wasn't something we contemplated but here's the ones we thought of.